Saturday, 14 February 2015

We're not in Westminster anymore.

Last Saturday I went to Huddersfield for the excellent event, "We're not in Westminster Anymore". This was a Local Democracy for Everyone conference (or unconference) and details can be found on the link.

The event had a great mix of local governmentals, interested local democrateers and academics discussing a wide range of subjects in loads of great sessions. For an idea of the eclectic mix here is a sample list of participants.

Some truly inspiring ideas emerged and there was revolution in the air. Great credit is due to Carl Whistlecraft (@gr8governance) and his team for organising the event (he credits them all here).

The real joy of the event was that those taking part were not just a great example of what local government is and who supports local democracy but were passionate and committed to what local democracy COULD be. Talking to and listening to all the people there really underlined the importance and the potential in localities, even a jaded cynic like me couldn't help feeling the vibe.

Other reflections on the event John Popham storifies it Here and Carl Haggerty Here.

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