Research Interests

My main area of research currently is Local Government Leadership in times of austerity.

I am a PhD researcher in the department of Politics and Public Policy at De Montfort University.

The political environment of local government is being dominated by Austerity. All indications from parties at a national level are suggesting it will remain so throughout this and any likely future parliament and possibly beyond. This paper will examine the impacts this is having on the ways in which the political leadership of councils operate and interact. In the new landscape of local governance, where direct policy and delivery have given way to diplomacy and influence, I am looking to define the key challenges that political leaders face in delivering distinctive, radical or innovative solutions to the issues faced by their localities despite the impending financial crisis (personified by the now infamous Barnet 'graph of doom'). As the first stage to a project that will examine the effectiveness of strategies being employed to provide leadership in local areas in the current circumstances, I will explore the perceived structural, legislative and practical impediments faced by those currently attempting the task of carrying through a political agenda beyond the administration of service reductions.

I am currently interviewing council leaders, executive mayors, executive councillors, chief executives and senior officers. If you wish to take part in the research or have anything to add please get in touch via the virtual surgery link to the right.

Other areas of interest and previous research have focussed on the 21st Century councillor, social media and politics, political protest and local government.

For further info on these or related areas or for papers or presentations please contact me via the virtual surgery link to the right.

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